Klaudia Cay and the Witchfinder General

'Save the King from assassination or your best friend being hanged as a witch. How do you choose?'

It's Halloween and Klaudia uncovers the power of Katalin's Grimoire - a book so full of ancient secrets it could change the world forever. When Kat and their arch enemy, Jac, suddenly disappear, how can Klaudia tell the police they have 'Travelled' to 1645? The English Civil War is raging and it's a dangerous time for witches. The notorious Witchfinder General has just had nineteen tortured and hanged at the Assizes. Klaudia desperately needs to be 'Called' back in time by musketeer Gabriel Gubbins to save Kat and, she discovers, herself from the same terrible fate.

The Time Princess

Book One of The Time Masters Chronicles.

You might think it's another ordinary day at school but just around the corner is a force that could change your life forever. Klaudia Cay is a thirteen year-old tetrathlon champion. She should be happy but she has problems with her mother, brother and Jac, a new girl in her class. That is nothing compared to when she gets a message dated 1645 from someone called Gabriel and then it starts: the Time Travel and Klaudia finds herself fighting for her life on the bloody battlefield of the English Civil War. Her skills as a champion are her only hope of returning home when she encounters a demonic presence sent to wreak havoc on the future.


They retire their operatives early at the Space Intelligence Agency. Sometimes they just eliminate them.

Forty-two children aboard a space shuttle are kidnapped and about to die. Somewhere in the universe there is a micro chip the size of a pinhead that alone holds the key to saving the children, Earth, and the new frontiers of space from evil domination. It's the year 2050 in an age of corruption, deception and a depleted Earth. Space Intelligence agent Ross has one last mission. He and Mistral, the beautiful daughter of a resistance leader, are drawn together with a notorious space pirate to save Humankind from the holocaust about to be unleashed.