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Klaudia Cay and the

Witchfinder General

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This book is a must read - a really gripping storyline and fast pace plot keep you wanting to turn the pages. More by this author please!

On 'The Time Princess' by fig. One of seven 5 star reviews on Amazon

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 A.D.Hawkins is a much-travelled writer, media consultant, scriptwriter, pilot and lover of adventure stories. He's had several lives in film, advertising, marketing and public relations, winnning awards for copywriting and product innovation. He lives in rural Oxfordshire, England with his wife, horses, dogs and cats.

Klaudia Cay is a time-travelling teenage girl who, in The Time Princess, Book One of the Time Masters' Chronicles, is 'Called' to fight a demonic presence on the battlefields of the English Civil War. Should she fail, both King Charles 1 and Oliver Cromwell will be assassinated and history changed for ever. In Book Two, she is tasked with saving her best friend, and herself, from being hanged by the evil Witchfinder General. Amulet is a space adventure set in 2050 where a depleted Earth and the future of space exploration are threatened by corruption and the dominance of corporate power.